How To: Paint App Logos

How everything began

It all started with Android 2.3. I thought there must be a free alternative. I wanted to program, so I searched the net for something easy to learn, and that's how I found Jugend hackt. Then I watched all the videos up and down. I watched these videos over a longer period of time, but it was just too difficult for me. What stuck with me, however, was the "desire" to take care of free software.

Found F-Droid

I kept searching and then came to the F-Droid website. I quickly found the Join page and searched it for items where I could help. The first thing was to report problems. Telling programmers how they could improve their apps and sharing ideas - that was the first thing I did on F-Droid.

What can I do

Always looking for what else I could do, I thought I'd go singing. In October 2018, I went to Dresden with other people to sing and that's when I got the idea to paint acrylic pictures. Since I had taken F-Droid to my heart, I painted the very first pictures without a brush. Just as a joke, I painted the F-Droid app icons as an acrylic painting. It quickly became clear that this would inspire many people. So I bought cardboard boxes, paint and brushes and sat down to paint. Other people went for a walk - I painted F-Droid app logos as an acrylic painting.


After 6 months I had painted 150 pictures and by New Year's Eve 2019 I had finished 300. Most of it is advertising for F-Droid and software hosted on Codeberg. Currently I have painted 500 acrylic paintings.

Translating is a good idea

Between March 2020 and December 2020, I translated a lot of apps. I only had my night job and then I had a lot of free time and so I looked again at the join page of F-Droid and thought: yes right, I like to translate. And so I translated felt every app and every website on Crowdin, Transifex, Poeditor, Onesky and Weblate. I also translated before and after the specified period, but not as much. More on this in another post.