How To: Translate F-Droid Apps

In school times

When I was at school, I had Russian as my first foreign language, and later I took English as my second foreign language. I thought that was so cool that I "switched" to secondary school to study languages in greater depth. Later I went to an evening school. I wanted to deepen my knowledge of languages even more - I didn't understand everything else anyway.

After school

When it was market day, my mother often took me to a soup kitchen where the owner was Hungarian. I liked the food and we often went there. I told my mother afterwards that it would certainly come in handy one day. I didn't know when or for what. But I knew it would come in handy one day.

Summer 1998 and summer 2000

I was always on a relief mission in Romania. I accompanied the interpreter from Hungary across the border (with the others), there in Romania on our aid missions and then again on the return journey to Hungary. So I came into contact with Hungarian and Romanian again. And of course English. So we could understand each other well. I helped many people there. I don't know how many there were in total - only that there were a lot.

Summer 2001

I was also allowed to take part in a relief mission in Sweden. Two weeks, including the return journey. That's how I learned Swedish, at least I heard it.

2001 until 2019

My mum and I had gone to the theatre at long intervals and the German and Polish texts were always running upstairs in front of the stage. Oh Polish, a new language for me.

March 2020 Corona erupts

I had always delivered baked goods at night, driven bread, rolls, cakes, stollen to the branches and to customers and had a lot of time until 2 a.m. all day long. That's when my day started again. Since I wanted to do more for F-Droid than just paint app logos as acrylic paintings, I thought I'd take another look at the Join in page. I'm sure I'll find something there. And that's how I ended up translating. Between March 2020 and December 2020, I translated countless F-Droid apps every day - Monday to Sunday - because I love doing it so much and I can translate more and more languages as time goes on. During this time, I was on Crowdin, Transifex, Poeditor, Onesky and Weblate. I had translated a lot on all platforms. For example, I had translated the F-Droid app Opentodolist into 17 languages.

Since 20 April 2020

I am in the team of the F-Droid App Opentracks

Since February 2021

I got a real job during the Corona period, away from the mini-job, away from the job centre. I only have time in the evenings, e.g. for translating.

By translating all the time, I have realised that I can translate into many more languages. So this and that language was also added.

September 2021

I have translated Sijacom(2) by Pixelcode into 30 languages by now.

Concluding remark

When I paint F-Droid app logos or see the new apps there, I also look for links to see if that app can also be translated. I am especially happy when the programmer names me somewhere. And when it says "only" updated translations, I always have to smile, because it could be that I helped translate it.

When I see foreign tourists (in a museum, in a café, on the street) and we start talking about what I'm doing, I ask them if they can translate some words and/or phrases for F-Droid apps. They are happy to do that