How To: Develop an own F-Droid Iconpack

The prehistory

Since I had painted so many F-Droid app logos and also have a first Fdroid/Codeberg exhibition in Berlin (blog to follow another time), I was wondering if I could do more for F-Droid. And so I got the idea to help with the RFP. At that time, I didn't know what it meant to edit the RFP. But at first it was just the idea.

Brilliant idea from Izzy

Izzy had the brilliant idea to offer online lectures. So then, on 28.12.2020, a few people attended this lecture. I found it very interesting, even now, but it's just too hard for me.

Help from Catima

The Catima programmer Sylvia was also there. After the lecture, she had the same idea as me, whether I wouldn't like to program my own icon pack with my acrylic paintings. I wrote to her, I just had the same idea.


So I don't take part in the RFP, but something new came out of the RFP idea: the "Mondstern's Acrylic icons" icon pack.

Thanks to

F-Droid, Izzy, The Catima Programmer Sylvia and help.