How To: Finance my Paintings

In October 2018, I started painting F-Droid app logos without worrying about how I was going to pay for it all. I just wanted to promote F-Droid - nothing more, nothing less.

More and more

Over time, this became more and more acrylic paintings. As long as there were cardboard boxes to paint on, I didn't worry about it.

Job centre

At that time, the Job centre had paid me everything, not directly, the rent, and I had paid for it from that.

The bad Corona

Then came Corona. I got a real job, Now that I had my own money, there were no more cheap cardboard boxes. Either I only find ones that are twice as expensive or I can't buy any more.

Support me

Since some had already asked me if there was a way to support the acrylic paintings, I have listed some ideas here:

Bank transfer
You order cardboard boxes for me, pay for it yourself and have the goods sent to me.
Are there other options?