How To: Helping others in need

I am mobile on the road, so not only by car but also when I walk. I always keep my eyes open and if I can actively help, I am happy. Sometimes I also got mail. But more on that later. I can report the following accidents and emergency situations:

* Baby falls into the Baltic Sea - no parents in sight
* Stage (wooden piles) on the coast
* Car accidents in the "Nowhere"
* forgotten dogs in the car
* Skating accident

First of all, I'm not a paramedic - I often see (much more about which I'm writing here today) accidents where I don't think about it first, but start to get help right away.

Baby falls into the Baltic Sea - no parents in sight

It was October 2019. It was already quite cool. There were still people at noon on the beach. Mom had already been swimming and I went for a little beach hike. By now I had been walking for 20 minutes, I see a baby falling into the Baltic Sea - no parents to be seen far and wide. So I rush to the baby in the Baltic Sea and carefully carry it back to the beach on a free blanket (maybe that of this family). After a while I heard calls. That was certainly the parents I thought to myself and gave me to recognize. The parents were completely ready but also with joy that I was in the right place at the right time.

Stage (wooden piles) on the seashore

Stage: Often part of coastal protection at the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Everyone has seen them on vacation on the coast before – the wooden piles sticking out of the water at right angles to the beach. The so-called groynes often divide the beach into sections, which vacationers also use for orientation.
It was a few years ago. You know, you are not allowed to walk along the platforms because they are slippery, and yet there are people who go there. So I saw one (I was there again, as if I had guessed that I had to get help). He slips and falls into the Baltic Sea. I do not think twice and run in the sand to a surveillance tower and report this incident. When they took him out of the Baltic Sea, the man thanked the people and me, that I had not hesitated and had brought help.

Car accidents in the "Nowhere"

In the period between 2013 and 2015 I passed 4 accidents with my car. of course, there were injured on the spot. When I asked people what I could do, the non-injured gave me the phones of the injured and they all had an emergency info app installed. This information was also seen with the phone locked. So I called the ambulance and passed this information on the phone. They were very grateful for this detailed information, as they were able to help the injured person better and faster. The passengers of the injured had thanked me afterwards that I was driving along the road there, I was with them that I could help. And the injured people wrote me a long letter afterwards, which I, like an angel, was there for them out of nowhere and got help. A very touching moment.

forgotten dogs in the car

From time to time I see cars in locked cars. People then just go for a walk, go shopping or probably forget their family member. When I see that the dog is scared and barks - he is also locked in, I don't think about it for long - and call the police.

Skater accident

There is a skate park near me. And, of course, many ride without a helmet. Of course, this often turns out well, but not always. I just came back from a walk, the teenager flew with his head after a jump on his head. The people there didn't know what to do. I had my emergency map in my head and so I called "Christoph 38" (Air Rescue Dresden). Within minutes, a rescue helicopter flew into view. Then it happened quite quickly. They then flew off to Dresden again. The air rescue was certainly a great idea - with an ambulance rather not so, because the air rescue is faster, because it's always about time, the faster the better.


This post was very close to me, because it brings this and every one back to mind. Don't think twice, just call the specific emergency numbers or ask other people if they can help. If you are in need yourself, you will also be happy if someone helps you.

My Emergency openstreetmap map is not complete, but has saved lives.