How To: Say thank you

How it came about

I registered my account on weblate bubu1 eu on 10 July 2020 and have now reached 30,000 translations. It is now time to say thank you for letting me translate your apps, addons and projects so far.


F-Droid Build Status

This app is not only a great help for programmers, but also for users to quickly check the state of affairs. Thanks.

F-Droid Classic

I check the repo or git for each app to see if that app can be translated. Thanks.


An app, in its initial state, where you have to enter all your exercises yourself. I am always on the lookout for such apps, as I would like to do sport and motivate others to do the same. Thank you.


I use this app every day, mostly to draw something in it to show others something. Thank you.


Log weight and water intake. At the latest in case of illness, these entries will be helpful. Thanks.

Nextcloud Cookbook (Android App)

If you have a Nextcloud and have installed the cookbook app, a cool idea, your recipes are quickly at hand. Thanks.


I have been part of the OpenTracksApp team since April 20, 2020. In what languages and how much have I already translated for it? I don't even remember that. But there are more and more languages. Thanks.

Open Tracks - OSM Dashboard

Display the recorded tracks, one, several. Thanks.

SkyDroid (Android App Store)

Simply translated into many languages. Thanks

Tiny Weather Forecast Germany

I have translated into some languages. Thanks.


On the "About" page in the app menu, all translators are listed, and of course I too. Thanks.

Mozilla Extensions

Auto Tab Opener

Pixelcode is always very happy about new and extended translations and is much too happy to press the release button. Thanks.

Text Encryptor

Pixelcode is always very happy about new and extended translations and is much too happy to press the release button. Thanks.

Other stuff


Tiny static website generator. Never used but translated into many languages. Thanks.


Diverse collection of games, applications and simulations for science subjects. In total, I have translated the MintApps into Finnish, Ukrainian and Hungarian. And that in a maximum of 5 days each. 1204 strings per language. Thanks.

I have certainly translated other projects at #weblatebubu, I would also like to thank you that I was able to translate this as well.

And "Bubu" is also thanked because he hosts this weblate instance - my most visited website and my second home.

I am now giving myself (and this server) a break until the end of June.
On the one hand, I have two weeks of vacation in a week, on the other hand, I can take care of other things or just rest. And what I wanted to say: Thank you, thank you, thank you... and thank you again.